Pound for pound, the EDgun Leshiy is the greatest airgun of all-time!  Chances are, if you’re visiting this site, you agree with me… if not, here’s how I came to that conclusion (Making the argument that the EDgun Leshiy is the greatest airgun of all-time!).  Within this site you’ll find great airgun hunting articles, pest control videos, EDgun Leshiy modification guides, airgun tuning advice, and gorgeous photos of the EDgun Leshiy.  Make sure to checkout the EDgun Leshiy contest page for chances to win cool airgun related items from friends of the Leshiy!

The Dream Airgun 

The EDgun Leshiy is the dream airgun for the EDC guys and gals.  Out of the box you get this tiny backpack friendly airgun with an enormous amount of tuning flexibility to fit your needs.  The EDgun Leshiy ticks every box!  

That's just the beginning though.  The rails and 3rd party products available are sure to capture the hearts (and wallets) of the Everyday Cary minded air gunner.  It's not cheap making this gun your own, but it sure is fun!

Take a look at my favorites... happy spending!!

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Yes Please!

The Ultimate EDgun Leshiy Mod

Silent Overkill was born out of a specific need, and a constant desire to tinker.  The story starts with a rat, and ends with a beautiful, and very quiet version of the EDgun Leshiy.

"Silent Overkill" is the  marriage of the EDgun Leshiy (via EDgun West), DonnyFL, and a machinist skills... and when combined, have created the ultimate backyard friendly pesting machine... it looks good too ;)

Read the full story, and more adventures of the EDgun Leshiy.