My EDgun Leshiy 2 .25 cal Setup

EDgun Leshiy 2 .25 cal - backyard bully buster

The .25 cal 350mm barrel is my backyard bully buster.  I’ve got it shooting 34gr pellets at around 815fps.  At ~50fpe, there is nothing coming into my yard that I can’t humanely dispatch.  I have the 11” carbon fiber handguard, which allows for the Huma Mod 40 (with an extra stack) to fill perfectly underneath.  This keeps the gun really short, while maintaining the quietness of the Huma Mod 40 suppressor. One thing to keep in mind with this handguard and the mod 40 is there is VERY limited room for M-LOK screws.  A great solution is the Kinetic M-LOK Picatinny rail… It’s super low profile!

I primarily shoot this at night, and ATN X Sight 4K is a great option.  I really love this scope.  They had some early issues with firmware, and those reviews are still out there that reflect that.  The firmware has been pretty solid for over a year now… so in my opinion, all good! 
It’s a crazy value when you think about it… It’s night vision, day time, and digital camera all in one!  There’s always pro’s and con’s with a fully digital scope, but a big pro is the total elimination of parallax error.  At night, I’ve always struggled with adjusting parallax.  This just allows you to point, adjust focus, and send it.  ATN has their 4K model, which I have here, and then an LTV version… which is a light version.  If you don’t need all the bells and whistles, that’s a good option too.

With any night vision setup, you’re always going to be at the mercy of the IR light.  I have the Sniper Hog Lights Slocker… it’s amazing, and super light weight.  The video clarity out of the ATN is unreal as a result of this powerful light.  The yellow button on the light does something very unique… it plays a mouse in distress call.  I flick this on to get a raccoon to freeze for that split second.  I use to do this with my mouth, but it would disrupt my cheek weld, which would cause some delays in getting back on target.

I shoot this a lot off a tripod, which I use the Hog Saddle MARC Plate (Arca-Swiss), but it’s important for me to also have a bipod.  Since it’s not the primary, weight is important.  The Magpul picatinny bipod is ideal solution for this rig… it’s super light, and stable.  It doesn’t have all the forward or reverse positions, but as a secondary rest for this setup… it’s perfect!

To round out this build, I’ve got the Carbon Fiber bottle from EDgun West.  It effectively doubles the shot count.

Overall, I love this setup!  If you’re on the fence for barrel length, the 350mm is a great balance of size and power.  The carbon fiber rail plays a big part in keeping things as small as possible with the use of the large Huma Mod 40 suppressor.

EDgun Leshiy 2 .25 cal - backyard bully buster

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Optic (ATN Corp):

Carbon Fiber Leshiy Bottle (Exclusive to EDgun West):

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