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Making the Argument, The EDgun Leshiy is the greatest airgun of all time

That's quite the statement, so let me layout my argument as part of an interview with Ed himself on the inspiration behind the EDgun Leshiy. Here's my suggestion for North American readers... as of the date of this article, a shipment just arrived of the EDgun Leshiy... go throw it in your cart, and then return to cement a great decision you're about to make...

The EdGun Leshiy: A Subcompact Air Rifle With Serious Punch

It’s not easy to fully describe the EdGun Leshiy in just a few small words, but if I had to try, I’d say it’s accurate, mobile and full-powered. Unlike some other air rifles, it’s definitely not a toy! Its small size allows it to fit into a small backpack, which makes it a fun gun that you can take anywhere. Whether it’s a weekend at the cabin, pest contr...

EdGun Stalker 6 - The Game Changer

EdGun Stalker 6 - The Game Changer I'm a big enthusiast of EdGun Leshiy, which is in my opinion the most versatile compact PCP ever and another game changer of airgun world from EdGun. For the record - the first one was introducing bullpup to airgun industry. So... as you can see in my EdGun Leshiy review (

The EDgun Lelya 2.0 -The Way I See It

EDGun Lelya 2.0 - the way I see it Disclaimer: don’t treat it as a formal review. It’s rather a story of me and my Lelya. After more than 20 tins of pellets I can say with full confidence - this is my favorite EdGun and overall favorite pcp ever. So if you have some time - just grab your coffee and check out why I do think so. It’s about technical aspect...