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Forums > Classifieds - used airguns and accessories > Leshiy Classic with EXTRAS $1500 FIRM

2/16/2022 11:18 AM

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Grass is always greener sale! Selling Leshiy Classic. Current setup is with .25 barrel and Huma pellet dispenser for .25. Included is .22 barrel and Huma dispenser. Gun is not new but shoots like it and is in 9 our of 10 condition. I am asking $1500 and if I get it I will buy a Leshiy 2. If not I will keep it. Over $2000 invested. All original parts included. The scope and scope mounts are NOT included. Thanks BTW, I take very good care of my equipment and this item is no exception. 
.22 barrel in 250 $1300
.25  Barrell in 250 $150
Huma Reg $120
Huma .22 pellet dispenser $90+
Huma .25 Pellet dispenser $90+
Steven Brown Grip $185
Digital and Analog WIKI ($38)gauge
Spare Leshiy Valve NEW ($30)
Leshiy complete O-ring set $20

2/17/2022 11:33 PM

Will go to $1400 but that will be it!

2/21/2022 4:10 PM
dunk60@gmail.com said:

Will go to $1400 but that will be it!

Gun is sold, thanks for all the interest.