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Forums > Classifieds - used airguns and accessories > EDGUN Leishy -2 0.30cal/450mm HUMA MOD Valkyrie + Atlas Bipod +300cc bottle ($2750 OBO)

6/25/2022 12:47 PM

Bought this from EDGUN West in Jun 2021 as 350mm .30 cal kit. Sold the barrel and shroud back to EDWest and upgraded with Valkyrie (metal) rail, 450mm barrel, Huma 40moderator, 300cc bottle. Added Atlas bipod and Hawk (illuminated dot) scope. The gun comes with original bottle/tubing as shown in picture and several tins of 30cal pellets (unused). Analog manometer.

The gun is very very quiet and quite accurate. The Huma moderator has 5 removal sections. So can make it shorter by removing a section or two, but noise level might go up.

Used it only a few times so gun is in excellent condition. Probably shot about 200 slugs or less in total. I also built a wooden (pine) box for it. I can ship the gun with the box (will be extra heavy) or package the gun after taking apart the scope, bipod in a shipping box.

Spent more than $4000 on all upgrades and accessories and ammo.

Asking for $2750 shipped, OBO.

Email: dr_soundar@yahoo.com  (will send pictures)