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Forums > Classifieds - used airguns and accessories > WTS classic leshiy 3 barrels,soft case,scope | 12/22/2023 11:00 AM
WTS classic Leshiy . It needs an air gauge,I think it works,but the battery is taken out and the plastic cover for the gauge is missing. Every thing else on the gun functions perfectly. I’ll send potential buyers a detailed video of the entire gun. I’d say it’s 9/10 .
I have a PCP tunes double air capacity supplement air tank. This doubles the air capacity and eliminates the need for a dedicated fill probe. I have a 400mm .22 cal barrel,a 300mm .25 cal barrel and a 300mm .30 cal barrel. There is an extended suppressor baffle as well as the stock suppressor baffle  .  The scope,forward grip soft case are all included. I’ve put less than 500 shots through it by a wide margin.Provided I managed to get pictures up every thing shown is included. If you don’t see it,it’s not included,please ask if something seems odd I make stupid mistakes.
Price is firm at 1500 . I’d prefer local sales, but I’ll ship using pay pal,no money orders,no cousins etc. I’m on the level,you be too. If you buy in person you can shoot it at any distance,I’m located near Oakland Ca.

I have not cracked to code on posting pictures,I’m working on it, contact me for pictures,sorry in advance | 12/23/2023 10:37 AM
Could I see the video/pics?  I’m in Michigan but willing to pay for shippin.  And be level as well.  Thank you. | 1/16/2024 10:44 PM
The gun is sold.I’m not sure how to delete the add. I have more than one  Lesiy ,but they aren’t for sale at any price. I have 2 barrels left that id sell for 200$ each or 350 for the pair. They are 25 cal 250mm and .30 cal 300 mm. Prices are firm, I do not haggle.  Good luck finding what you’re looking for. Best regards, Jason | 1/24/2024 11:59 PM
are you still selling the leshiy? Call me at (605) 877-6313.