EDgun Leshiy Top 20 Slow Motion Pest Control Kills with the ATN X Sight 4K Pro

The EDgun Leshiy and ATN X Sight 4K Pro combination makes for a deadly tool for Pest Control.  I have hundreds of videos, and picked the Top 20 for this video.  Scroll down to the bottom if you want to go straight the video.  

The EDgun Leshiy offers enormous flexibility in power and caliber.  I choose to go with a low power tune of .25 in either the JSB Kings in 25gr or the Predator Polymags in 26gr.  They shoot around 545-520fps respectively... giving 15-16ft/lbs.  For full details on my Leshiy setup, you can go here: EDgun Leshiy Full Setup Details.

Top 20 Slow Motion Pest Control Kill Shots with the EDgun Leshiy and ATN X Sight 4K Pro
Before we get to the video, I want to talk about something that played a huge roll in this video, and my pest control in general... the ATN X Sight 4K Pro.

EDgun Leshiy .25, ATN X Sight 4K Pro 3-14x, Streamlight TLR-1 IR, Atlas Bipod, and DonnyFL Emperor V3
The ATN X Sight 4K Pro (mine is the 3-14x version) tracks these pellets very well.  Obviously light conditions play a huge role in how well you see the pellet, but as far as the scope goes... it's settings provide flexibility to work around the clock, in any light condition.

EDgun Leshiy .25, ATN X Sight 4K Pro 3-14x, and DonnyFL Emperor V3
In the Top 20 Pest Control Kill Shots you will see some amazing slow motion footage through the ATN X Sight 4K, while maintaining a pretty incredible picture quality.  I have the scope filming at 120fps for a reference point.  At $699-799 you're getting a great daytime scope, night vision scope, and high quality camera... pretty crazy value in my opinion.  There are tons of great features, but one of my favorites is that it allows you to shoulder the gun normally... you know, like a normal person shooting a gun.  I see all these videos of guys messing around with cameras, sitting behind, or laying on their backs and looking through the camera to make sure things are in focus, it's recording, etc.  It looks like no fun to me, and takes away from that feeling of shooting an airgun, hunting, or in my case pest control.  Everything I need is right on the screen data wise, and with a simple push of a button it records or takes a picture.  

I rarely miss, and I think a HUGE aspect of that is that it's a digital scope and parallax free.  Given the ultra compact size of the Leshiy, getting a consistent cheek weld, a necessity when shooting with a normal scope with an adjustable parallax, it's easy to be off a bit.  On targets like rats, chipmunks, and squirrels... "off a bit" can be the difference between a kill and a total miss.  The digital, parallax free, ATN X Sight 4K really eliminates this, and provides some flexibility in the hold... which is super important with an airgun like the EDgun Leshiy.  I have the quick release mount, and swap the scope from the Leshiy, R5M Matador, and even the EDgun Veles if I'm feeling frisky.

EDgun Leshiy with the ATN X Sight 4K Pro, EDgun Matador R5M, and EDgun Veles
Anyways, not trying to make an ATN commercial... I just love this scope, and think you will to!  It's certainly been a bumpy road with the initial firmware versions, but the latest makes it pretty solid.  I've been communicating with ATN, and I'm really excited about their plans to embrace the airgun community even more.  If you want to check it out... go here: ATN X Sight 4K Pro 

backyard pest control with the EDgun Leshiy and ATN X Sight 4K Pro
Back to the Top 20 Pest Control Kill Shots... in this video you will find almost all the pests trying to use my yard as a place to call their own... squirrels, chipmunks, rats, skunks... even a tree rat made the cut!  

Make sure to do all the standard stuff... like, subscribe, etc... but also... comment and let me know what you think are the Top 5!  I couldn't even rank the top 20 lol!

Summary of my EDgun Leshiy full setup

Gun: EDgun Leshiy in both .25 and .177 (find a dealer in your region)
Barrel Length: Custom 280mm
Ammo: Shoots basically anything, but primarily I shoot JSB 25gr Kings and 26gr Polymags
Regulator: Hybrid HUMA setup... HUMA Sub 12ft/lb Kit Plenum, Valve, Valve spring, and hammer spring.  Then I use the standard high-power HUMA regulator.  Why? Sounds like you're a details person... scroll down, and get your fill.
Moderator: DonnyFL Emperor V3 and the the RONIN.  I use the Emperor for backyard, and the RONIN for more pack friendly trup to the woods.
Scope: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x and their Quick Release mount
IR Light: Streamlight TLR-1 IR
Bipod: Atlas
Rail Extension: Lion Gears 12 Slots 0.5" Low Profile Picatinny Rail 
Custom Grip: You need to join the EDgun Owners Facebook group.  Simply search for custom grip, and you'll find Steven Brown.  He's your man.
Tune: 105bar on the reg, and then turned HST up to get to the following... JSB .25 Kings @ 545fps (16ft/lbs) and the Polymags @ 520fps (15ft/lbs)

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