Pests gone WILD! Backyard Pest Control with the EDgun Leshiy and ATN X Sight 4K Pro

The EDgun Leshiy is at it again... this time I have some Rat, Squirrel, Chipmunk, AND a SKUNK footage for you!  There are so many of them, I've broken them up in Volumes.  For some reason the OCD in me is cool with the video series for each animal coming in at different paces.  I just shoot and record, and when I think the footage is enough for a good video... I package it up and upload.

I'm continuing with the low power, ultra quiet / backyard friendly tune of the EDgun Leshiy in .25 with 25gr JSB Kings.  I have it shooting 545fps, so about 16ft/lbs. This is perfect for squirrels.  I think I could even go lower, but don't want to push it with the .25.  My EDgun Leshiy in .25 continues to live up to it's namesake, the Silent Overkill (more on that here, if your interested).  The rest of the kit is: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x, Atlas bipod, DonnyFL Emperor v2, and Streamlight TLR-1 IR

It's funny to see that I'm only on Volume 1 of the EDgun Leshiy Vs xx series considering rats are what reignited my interest in airguns a couple years ago.  I've done a pretty good job of knocking the population down with constant pressure.  One guy that has appreciated it more than anyone is this Opossum... this thing is HUGE!!!  I leave him alone, as besides just being gross, it's really not been much of a pest.  If it tries to build a house or bother the dog... we may need to introduce him to the EDgun Matador R5M, which is setup for higher power to deal with trouble raccoons (come November).  

Anyways, lets get into the footage!  Although I've shot countless rats, this is Volume one sonce I just started the series a few weeks ago.  No big mamma rats... they must be out there as I'm still seeing tons of babies.  These moms are ruthless, they just send their kids out to see if I'm there.

Next up is Volume 3 of EDgun Leshiy Vs Chipmunks.  The damage these guys have done to my yard is pretty epic.  I have been seeing less and less of them over the last couple of weeks, so I know the Leshiy is doing it's job.  I'll probably never have them totally under control, but it gives me good reason to ensure I can put pellet on pellet when I want/need to.  Here's Volume 2...

The main course for this episode is definitely Squirrels! The amount of them in the yard is crazy.  The 4K slow motion footage is nuts (pun intended).  Almost too nuts on one of these.  I had to do a little censoring to keep the YouTube police from blowing up.

Finally for desert (figuratively speaking)... the Skunk!  This bastard got my dog the night before.  I ate an early dinner, and got setup for and waited.  I knew it would be back!  Here's what I hope is the final skunk of the year.

Happy shooting!


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