The Backyard Pest Control Grand Slam with the EDgun Leshiy and R5M

If there was a pest zoo, my neighbors backyard would the thumbnail in the brochure!  It's crazy how many little destructive critters there are.  I was totally obvious to them until I got that first $2,000 bill to fix my patio.  My attention to these little critters came with OCD level focus.  

Rat and Chipmunk Damage

I went full rambo on these things... setting up camera's and IR lights all around (12 in total lol).  Here's a walkthrough of the full setup if you're interested: Backyard NightVision Pesting Setup and Kit

Over the past year or so I really started to take notice in not just the amount of individual rats, squirrels, etc there were but also it seemed like every pest species, with fur at least, called the yard home.

With the help of my cameras and other surveillance tools I've really won quite a few battles, but I'm not sure the war is actually something either side can actually win.

In hunting and fishing, there are multiple types of grand slams... so I decided that pests deserved one too! So here's the backyard pest control grand slam... A Squirrel, Rat, Chipmunk, Rabbit, Possum, Skunk, and Raccoon.

With winter fast approaching, getting the slam done was going to be no easy task. Come Nov 1st, even in areas with little or no hunting pressure, these guys seem to just bolt and start getting ready for what I can only assume is going to be a ball breaking winter here in the midwest.

Whatever nature throws at us though... my closet full of EDgun's are ready! The EDgun Leshiy is always my go to, but her siblings get in on the action quite a bit. Enjoy!

Summary of my EDgun Leshiy full setup

Gun: EDgun Leshiy in both .25 and .177 (find a dealer in your region)
Barrel Length: Custom 280mm
Ammo: Shoots basically anything, but primarily I shoot JSB 25gr Kings and 26gr Polymags
Regulator: Hybrid HUMA setup... HUMA Sub 12ft/lb Kit Plenum, Valve, Valve spring, and hammer spring.  Then I use the standard high-power HUMA regulator.  Why? Sounds like you're a details person... scroll down, and get your fill.
Moderator: DonnyFL Emperor V3 and the the RONIN.  I use the Emperor for backyard, and the RONIN for more pack friendly trip to the woods.
Scope: ATN X-Sight 4K Pro 3-14x
Quick Release Mount: ATN Quick Release
IR Light: Streamlight TLR-1 IR
Bipod: Atlas
Rail Extension: Lion Gears 12 Slots 0.5" Low Profile Picatinny Rail 
Custom Grip: You need to join the EDgun Owners Facebook group.  Simply search for custom grip, and you'll find Steven Brown.  He's your man.
Tune: 105bar on the reg, and then turned HST up to get to the following... JSB .25 Kings @ 545fps (16ft/lbs) and the Polymags @ 520fps (15ft/lbs)



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