The BEST aftermarket EDgun Leshiy Grip

Lets be honest, while I appreciate the "why" on how small the Edgun Leshiy grip is... we can all agree unless this is for your kid, it blows (sorry Ed!).  The gun is so hold sensitive (see more on that here) that a 2 finger grip is what my spanish speaking friends call no bueno Have no fear... Steven, everyones mate from the UK, has you covered.

This little hobby of his fills a specific need, and does so with extreme craftsmanship and customer service.  As a hobbyist though, there's no site to go checkout.  This is more of an insider kind of deal (feel special yet?). 

However just a simple PM over FB Messenger (via the Leshiy Owners FB group) will get you what you need.  Speaking of which, the button below will get you into that group.    Anyways, let's get back to this grip.  Here's some pro tips: ask for pics of what his current stock is so you can choose a "color". These are just oiled, so the color comes from the wood/laminate itself. He also makes a right hand specific option as well... just ask him for details.

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