Leshiy Accuracy... it's all in the hold

I love Ted's Holdover channel (shocker), but like anyone... the guy is human.  It turns out, Ted isn't perfect with every gun!  I say this as this gun humbled me too.  Some would just move on to something easier, and I'd totally get it... but the upside of the Leshiy is worth it.

On Facebook or random forums, you'll find Leshiy defenders on the topic of accuracy.  The conversation mostly all comes from the review video Ted did (see below).  

So through my journey through PCP's, I've ended back to one of the first ones I came across when searching for my perfect gun... the Leshiy.  While I enjoyed my "search" (i.e. buying different guns and ultimately selling them), the long journey was largely due to Ted's comments on accuracy.

I found out about the magic to unlocking the accuracy of the Leshiy sort of on accident.  Remember, I just care about hitting a rat, not really where... just that it ended in it's death.  During a work break I was shooting some paper.  I took a photo at what I thought was a decent group, as it was similar to Ted's.  I posted to the Edgun Leshiy Owners FB group (below) and started to get heckled.  

WTF! dicks! ;) Anyways, the net of the feedback was that I should be single hole at 20 yards... even pushing 50!  Single hole... wtf!

What I learned, and what ALL LESHIY OWNERS learn at some point is the unique hold this gun requires.  What's interesting to me, is the thumbnail to the video above pretty much sums it up.  strong grip, and literally no or just a slight touch for balance somewhere else.  You will 100% pull this gun otherwise.  It's just so small and light... impossible to hold like a traditional riffle.

Something else that stands out to me in this picture and video is the grip.  While many guys shoot single hole with the OEM grip, it's hard.  It's hard because you basically have 2 fingers, so you tend to hold on tight with your off hand.  The next big item is the trigger.  It's light, but has a ton of creep and a bit of unknown feeling to the break.  The ball plunger trigger mod is the answer there (see below)
 I won't go into too much detail here, but the combo of a solid grip, and a predictable 2 stage trigger drastically increases the ease of which to really dial in that special "Leshiy" hold.

There are tons of videos and pics of crazy groups and pests shot with the Leshiy, but if you're reading this and still need some proof... here's me lighting some matches at 20 yards!  Don't mind those holes behind it... I was figuring out the hold ;)

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