The Hunt for the Perfect EDgun Leshiy Scope

This is the number 1 question people ask when a person purchases an EDgun Leshiy.  I spoke with Brian at EDgun West to see how a dealer looks at solutions to this common question.

Since the gun came out, I have asked Ed to offer a dedicated scope for the gun.  The EDgun Leshiy sits in its own class without the support that other guns get regarding scope options.  - Brian Meckler

It is built kind of like a mini AR-15 (read the story behind the amazing EDgun Leshiy here) and as such many of the scopes that would fit an AR fit a EDgun Leshiy but they all lack one significant feature ... parallax adjustment.  

Brian goes into more detail, I have had some experience with Russian scope companies, and I have found many of them to be hidden gems concerning price for the quality.  My first experience was with The Dragunov sniper rifle equipped with the   PSO-1 (Прицел Снайперский Оптический)   I had to have one of these rifles because Rambo had one in III.  Anyway, the scope was terrific.   This experience prompted me to ask Ed for an all Russian set up, gun and scope.   

The journey for Ed started more than a year ago. He traveled to Moscow to discuss with the Dedal company about a dedicated EDgun Leshiy scope.  After a few prototypes, the Stalker was born; a scope built for a purpose.  The scopes will be offered soon and will fit well on both the Leshiy and new Lelya 2.0

This scope had a very forgiving eye box and a massive field of view.  Very easy to shoot with both eyes open.  The turrets and reticle are both in milliradians with a 12 mil reticle value.   The glass is made in Russia by the Dedal factory.  

The quality is on par with many top tier scope makers.  

The Dedal comes with an integrated mount that has a positive lock up and repeatable zero.  The turrets a capped and have a low profile.  The scope tracks correctly, and the turrets have a very positive click when set and turned.  The Illumination is excellent with no bleed noticed even at the highest setting.  

Brian continues, the illumination activated by a soft rubber button located at the rear of the battery storage.  The parallax is on the top of the scope; an unusual position but after a few minutes I was used to the operation of adjusting the parallax with the top knob.  The parallax adjustment has a faint click to it, and it operates like butter.  The scope finish is mat and had a lovely look.  Overall this scope has a full-blown military feel and durability. 

Interested in getting your hands on one of these dedicated EDgun Leshiy Scopes?  Get in line... we all want one! You will have to wait just a little bit longer.  The next shipment in the US will be here soon (a couple weeks).  They will go fast though!  Make sure to join our "In The Know" list to get notified when I'm tipped off they cleared customs!

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