Busy few days of backyard pest control

I've been holding off on having the courtyard patio fixed until I'm confident I have the rat and chipmunk population under control.  So far they have racked up $1,200 in damage... and that's about to go up when they come fix these unilock bricks.  They look cool, but to fix this, you have to remove a really large section as they are all connected ("unilock")... ugh!

I've setup some bait (sunflower seeds), put a few traps around the known entrances, and then perched myself 15 feet up above in my office balcony / sniper nest. 

My secret weapon though is my Nest security cameras.  I have then setup to text me if there's activity within certain zones.  Seeing that I work from home, I'm able to react pretty quickly.  

The EDgun Leshiy is what does the work from there.  After some modifications, click here for full story, I have made this the ultimate backyard friendly pesting machine!

Over the past couple of weeks I've just been getting baby rats and chipmunks.  I know mama and papa rat are out there (given the presence of all the littles), but they got big for a reason... very smart (as far as rats go).

Here's a few highlights from the past week

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