EDgun Leshiy and the HUMA Regulator

At this point I'm sure if you're an active reader on this blog, or just a EDgun Leshiy connoisseur, you've heard of HUMA Regulators.  If you're totally new to the space, then let me summarize... they are an expertly designed and tested regular platform for many different airguns.  Obviously in this article, we're going to focus on the EDgun Leshiy and the HUMA Regulator.  Piotr Ma wrote a great article that goes more in depth on the really fine tuning the HUMA regulator.  You can read that here: http://www.edgunleshiy.com/blog/2018/8/7/edgun-reg-pressure-tester-huma/

I asked Huub (owner of HUMA Air) for a little background on the regulator, their process for design, and help answer the big question I had... the difference between the FAC and Sub 12FT/LB versions. 

The Leshiy is designed as a high power rifle and they have made some “factory modifications” to make it suitable for 12 ft/lbs. These modifications do work, but it is not the most optimal setup for the rifle.

We encountered this issue when people started to use our high power reg for sub 12 ftlbs models, they work, but by far not the optimal setup.

So some UK guys ordered our Gen1 leshiy regulator, based on the reviews on several USA forums, but the results they got were quite disappointing because the regulator was suitable, but not optimized for the sub 12 ftlbs models.

This made us think of a special kit to get the maximum performance out of the Leshiy in terms of shot to shot consistency and shotcount in sub 12 ftlbs.

We had already developed and build regulators for Michael Niksch of Thomas Air rifles, a high end benchrest and HFT 12 ft/lbs rifle what is dominating the USA benchrest competition for years, with several verified USA records on his name shot by himself and others.

You can check the performance of this rifle with the Huma-Air regulator here:
This proven, ultra compact model regulator with his unequaled repeat cycle we have used us to make the Leshiy 12 ft/lbs model. 
Our technics combined with the expertise of Wingman of Airborne Arms NZ who did endless testing and giving us the feedback of the performance and setup, let to the current version of the sub 12 ft/lbs model how it is today, with the best efficiency in air consumption and shot to shot consistency.

After the release we noticed there were some differences in hammer springs, so we decided to ad a complete new, softer hammer spring to the kit and a different valve return spring to achieve the best balance. There is also a delrin volume reducer sleeve what needs to be placed inside the plenum for the 12 ft/lbs versions. (Without the sleeve the regulator is optimized for about 24 joule versions)

Wingman made some impressive shot-string with the setup he achieved after a lot of testing hours. But because of the huge variety of calibers, barrel lengths and pellet weights available it was just  impossible for us to test them all.

The current results were also noticed by the UK Edgun importer Blackpool Air rifles who now installs our 12 ft/lbs kit in all new Leshiy’s, and we are proud of it.

As testing and setting up the rifle is an delicate process to find the best balance in hammerspring tension and regulator output pressure, (the difference between bad and perfect can be in few clicks) we ask all our customers to share their settings and results with others so during time there will be some good guidelines for the several setups.

The positive reactions of our customers sharing their experiences, gives us the drive to keep innovating and optimizing our products to suit our mutual hobby.



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