EDgun Wick - Backyard Bullies 2

Backyard Bullies is without a doubt the most popular video on the channel.  As of this date of this article, it's approaching 1 million views with over 3.5 million watch minutes.  It's something like 5-8 thousand views a day!  It's crazy.  

Naturally a follow-up video made sense.  Over the winter I kept tabs on the yard looking for any bullies.  I've had the footage for it for over a month, but wasn't sure how/what I wanted to do with Backyard Bullies 2.  A lot of people ask how I come up with stuff, and the simple answer is I try and just be observant in my day to day life.  Ideas come at you when you least expect it.  Table for One I was literally going to buy Christmas lights and came across that insane product covered in dust on the shelf.  A product only a local hardware store would ever have!  That one still cracks me up.

EDgun Wick was no different.  I was watching it the other day, and then that line where they messed up his dog struck me... it reminded me of Back Yard Bullies.  The video was done about 48 hours later.  

One last thing I wanted to update you all on... I launched a 100% free membership area called "Club Leshiy". 
It's a place off of YouTube where I can provide unedited content (i.e. normal hunting graphics) as well as something really awesome.  Lord Magnus (a super fan and very talented music producer) is allowing FREE downloads of the original music created for the videos… you can now have EDgun Leshiy jams whenever you want!  Come and join for free, and download his original music.

Go to https://www.edgunleshiy.com/access to signup… it’s 100% FREE!

Now back to the show... here's EDgun Wick - Backyard Bullies 2... enjoy!

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