Thanks for your interest in sponsoring the EDgun Leshiy Channel!  My goal with the EDgun Leshiy content ecosystem (Website, Club Leshiy, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook groups) is to provide entertainment while showcasing the products I use.  
As you're probably aware the content is not a typical review format.  I document the use of these products, and allow the footage to speak for itself.  The end result is an authentic product showcase that is a win/win for everyone.  Below you'll find a highlight of the metrics, sponsorship packages, and a form to submit your interest in joining in on the fun.

  • On a weekly basis the site has 2,000+ unique site visitors with an avg session time of ~3min… and a bounce rate of less than 9% (i.e. people visit multiple pages within these sessions).  Given the laser focus of the subject matter, these numbers are huge!  
  • The site ranks organically in the top 10 of all the major keywords I target.  Yours could too...
  • My open rate on outbound emails is over 70%.  Industry avg is in the 5-10%.  I can go more into the strategy, but I collect way more than just basic contact information… all of which is organically collected, where users are providing their own interest points to better tune my outbound emails to them.
  • The YouTube channel alone over the past 90 days has over 200K Watch Hours via 2+ million views
  • YouTube subscribers over the last 4 months have grown from about 50,000 to over 100,000 subscribers, although I think that’s more a vanity metric in comparison to watch minutes and retention (both of which are the main drivers for YouTube as a platform).
  • Collectively, almost 5,000 members in private facebook groups where I’m an admin/owner
  • Club Leshiy has over 11,000 members (my free membership area within this website)
  • Instagram is at over 12,000 followers, and growing… my strategy here though is brand awareness, and teasing content to drive to other platforms or website where they can engage or view/consume longer content.  

Weekly website visitor analytics sample:

YouTube Top Performing Videos Through March 17th 2019

Sample 48 hour YouTube Activity:

Site Ranking Sample Data:

Note: Products showcased within a video/article are donated to the channel for a giveaway or kept, both of which will be stated within the video/article. If kept by me, they will continued to be featured through general use in future videos as applicable. If the product needs to be returned, this must be agreed upon prior to any inclusion within the EDgun Leshiy ecosystem."

Package 1 

  • Product placement and mention within the video
Package 2 

  • Product placement and mention within the video
  • Logo on title announcement screen (~5-10 sec at the beginning of every video) with a verbal acknowledgement 
    • EX: EDgun Leshiy Presents… Backyard Bullies… brought to you by [company name / logo]
  • Link in video description and video summary article on (which is posted on FB channels, Airgun Nation, and sent via email to all subscribers)
Package 3 

  • Package 2 +
  • Logo on YouTube video thumbnail
  • Inclusion within the featured article on my full setup:
    • This is the most visited article on the site, and every video has a link to it in the description.
  • 4 month sponsorship of club leshiy (more here:

Add-On Options: 

  • Product promotion slot within the beginning of the video.  These are limited to 1 per video, and I’ll live read promotion copy of your choice (~30-60 seconds), and/or use the product and speak about it.
  • Product review video and article (outside of the normal video format) on 
  • Club Leshiy Sponsorship (Logo/Link)

Please let me know a little about your product/company. I'll reach out ASAP to setup a time to talk in more details