First things first... you'll need yourself an EDgun Leshiy before any of these other cool products make much sense!   It's in high demand, and can be a hassle to track down where/whom imports it into your region/country.  
Chances are you already know this, but the Edgun Leshiy is the ULTIMATE backyard, travel, EDC guys wet dream of an airgun.  If you haven't joined the party, use the form on the right to locate the dealer based on your region, and get on the fun train!  If they are out of stock, make sure to join our "in the know" list and be first in line when they arrive!

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The BEST Leshiy Scope

The Leshiy presents an interesting "problem" when it comes to scopes.  You not only need to find something with the optimal eye relief for the "Leshiy Hold", but you really want to maintain that small compact size when folded.  You see a lot of scope setups where people are using risers and extension rails to bring the scope back closer to them.  When folded however, you just extended the overall length to something that no longer stuffs into a small pack.  Luckily Ed partnered with Dedal scope, and made the ultimate EDgun Leshiy scope, The EDgun Stalker.  Read a full review here: EDgun Leshiy / Dedal Scope Review.

"The" Leshiy Grip

Lets be honest, while I appreciate the "why" on how small the Edgun Leshiy grip is... we can all agree unless this is for your kid, it blows (sorry Ed!).  The gun is so hold sensitive (see more on that here) that a 2 finger grip is what my spanish speaking friends call no bueno Have no fear... Steven, everyones mate from the UK, has you covered.  This little hobby of his fills a specific need, and does so with extreme craftsmanship and customer service.  As a hobbyist though, there's no site to go checkout.  This is more of an insider kind of deal (feel special yet?). However just a simple PM over FB Messenger (via the Leshiy Owners FB group) will get you what you need.  Speaking of which, the button below will get you into that group.    nyways, let's get back to this grip.  Here's some pro tips: ask for pics of what his current stock is so you can choose a "color". These are just oiled, so the color comes from the wood/laminate itself. He also makes a right hand specific option as well... just ask him for details.

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Camo Tape

This is a less permanent option to the custom "dip" by the Utah Airguns guys.  Pretty much every Leshiy owner wraps the OEM shroud in some sort of tape. Unfortunately many use a camo ace bandage type material and it makes their $1,000 gun look terrible (no offense!).  Good news / bad news... theirs a solution, but if you live anywhere other than the UK, it takes awhile to get into your hands.  The lads at Gearskin have created an amazing ahesive material that's more like fabric.  It looks and feels amazing.  A search of Edgun Leshiy will yield some amazing photos by Piter (sorry, don't know his last name).  Buried in some old forum I found a comment he made telling me about Gearskin.  I ordered, and haven't looked back.  Well, that's not true.  I sold my original Leshiy where I dressed it in this stuff.  with my new build, I've gone back to my EDC, tactical black look.  I still love this stuff though!

Gearskin my Leshiy!

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Night-time Fun!

I take great pleasure in leveraging the accuracy of the Edgun Leshiy to put led between the unsuspecting eyes of a rat!  Zero guilt or remorse.  Say what you want, they are terrible animals!  With that out of the way, let me focus on the tools needed for an optimal rat killing machine.  The ATN X-Sight 4K 3-14x is the perfect pesting scope.  This isn't for the guy doing precision long range shooting, although I did light a few matches at 20 yards using it (more on that here).  Anyways, this scope is really amazing, and only gets better as the software matures.  It has push button day to night modes, easy zoom wheel, internal 18hr!!! battery, and records in HD at 60 FPS... soon to be 120!.  The footage is amazing at anytime of the day/night.  It's pricy, but you're getting a 2for1 in this scope.

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The Perfect IR

The Edgun Leshiy is so small, and some of these NV options are just HUGE!  With a little extension rale, you can mount both this IR from Streamlight and an Atlas Bipod.  It performs outstanding, and adds that the EDC badassery of this little air gun!  The ATN X-Sight 4K comes with an IR, and it does fit either on the rail/ring combo they provide, or underneath.  My issue with it is it's size.  Like most, it's just too big an heavy.  My only issue with IR's is they suck down batteries.  I have to remind myself to shutoff the switch, as with it's compact size, you can accidentally switch it on.  $ for $, I think this is a great buy for the Leshiy!

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Mini Chrony

The Mini Chrony from Edgun is a perfect pair for the Leshiy.  A good Chrony is a must when you start to tinker with any airgun, and this one ticks all the boxes.  It's reasonably priced, and easy to throw in a pack if you plan on doing some work outside the backyard.  It's packed with features, and If I'm being honest, I'm no where near that level... but it's nice to know they are there!  If you pick this one up, make sure to grab the 3D printed adaptor for the Leshiy.  It makes it a breeze to line up.  Silent Overkill required some custom PVC work... hence that electrical tape you see on the end.

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​Extension Rail

The rail under the EDgun Leshiy is awesome to have, but it's a tight squeeze to fit to get 2 things, like a bipod and light.  I use mine to pest at night, and need room for the atlas biopod, and the Streamlight undermount IR light.  This is a super cost effective, and very low profile way to gain some added rail space for your own EDgun Leshiy.

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Pellet Dispenser

The Leshiy is a single shot.  The need for convenient place to store pellets is pretty much mandatory!  There are lots of options out there that are 3D printed, but nothing that matches the build quaility (and looks) of the gun itself.  HUMA Air to the rescue!  This is a fully CNC'd lightweight, and tiny pellet dispenser that fits perfectly on the gun.  Get more details below

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Shhh, Quiet Please!

You can read more about my passion for "backyard friendly" by clicking here and/or read about where my journey ended in the creation of "Silent Overkill" by clicking here... if you've read those, and want to dip your toe into the Airgun "Library"... (get it), look no further than my buddy DonnyFL.  The dude rules supreme in all things quiet, and sets the bar for customer service.

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