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I created EDgun Leshiy TV as a solution to what I viewed as a problem... As a content provider and viewer of other channels, the way YouTube organizes channels doesn't give the greatest user experience.  There is so much content, and as a result they use algorithm's to determine what they think you'll like and navigate you there using the suggested videos.

The site is all about the EDgun Leshiy, and not me.  One of the biggest things EDgun Leshiy TV allows me to do is provide video content from multiple sources all in one organized place.  Resources, reviews, tuning, funny videos from Ed, etc etc.  If it's Leshiy related, it will be here.  You will see the content grow over the coming days beyond just my pesting videos.  This is a fun project, not my job... and I have a busy week ;).  If you have a video you'd like included... make sure to fill out the form at the bottom of this article (if you're reading this within a forum... just go to the full article link at the very bottom).

Ok, back to the layout, and organization.  To start, I wanted it to be easy to see all the videos within my channel, and other Leshiy related content... and then quickly watch the ones you want without getting into that youtube suggested video vortex and forget where something was.  My pest control videos is mostly organized around specific animals... squirrels, chipmunks, rats, skunks, etc.  The first section of Leshiy TV allows you to view the grouped videos by animal, which you can see below.  This is also where you'll find resources for tuning, maintenance, etc once I add them in.

The next section is super clean, thumbnail only... and when you hover your mouse over the picture you can see the description.  Clicking the thumbnail simply opens up a modular window and allows you watch it.  Close it when you're done, and you are right where you left off looking at the rest of video titles.

It works great in mobile and desktop, but if you prefer to watch through the native YouTube app on your phone... no worries, it will be there too.  

I really think this offers the best of both worlds.  Let me know how you like it!



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