My EDgun Leshiy 2 in .177 cal Setup

EDgun Leshiy 2 .177 from EDgun West

Here in the US, the .177 cal isn’t a big go to for most folks… which I will admit I find myself falling into that category from time to time.  The .177 Cal EDgun Leshiy 2 is a bit of sleeper however.  For one, it’s crazy powerful.  I’m shooting the 16gr Beasts at 850fps (or ~27fpe)… that is NO joke!  I’ve always enjoyed having a .177, mostly for plinking, but what made my .177 an everyday shooter, was the ATN Thor 4 thermal optic.  Thermal is an amazing tool… literally nothing can hide.  When mounted on the Leshiy 2 in .177 it becomes the ultimate ratting rig.  I shoot this gun pretty much every night.  While I don’t usually take any critters bigger than a squirrel with it, at 27fpe, I wouldn’t hesitate on a skunk if I didn’t have time to get one of the other Leshiy’s I own.  

If you are going to be taking rats, chipmunks, or the occasional squirrel… and also do a ton of plinking, this is a great option.  It shoots almost anything that’s 10gr or heavier in both JSB and H&N… which makes getting ammo super easy, and dirt cheap.  The other benefit is it’s super quiet, not just at the muzzle but the impact noise is pretty much nothing.

EDgun Leshiy 2 .177 from EDgun West

Quick Links to this rig:

Optic (ATN Corp Thor 4 Thermal):
Sling Mount (Magpul RSA QD):
Carbon Fiber Leshiy Bottle (Exclusive to EDgun West - not shown, but I have it on it now):

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