ATN X-Sight 4K Pro and The EDgun Leshiy

I take great pleasure in leveraging the accuracy of the Edgun Leshiy to put led between the unsuspecting eyes of a rat!  Zero guilt or remorse.  

Say what you want, they are terrible animals!  With that out of the way, let me focus on the tools needed for an optimal rat killing machine.  The ATN X-Sight 4K 3-14x is the perfect pesting scope.  

This isn't for the guy doing precision long range shooting, although I did light a few matches at 20 yards using it (more on that here).  Anyways, this scope is really amazing, and only gets better as the software matures.  It has push button day to night modes, easy zoom wheel, internal 18hr!!! battery, and records in HD at 60 FPS... soon to be 120!.  The footage is amazing at anytime of the day/night.  It's pricy, but you're getting a 2for1 in this scope.

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